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Creative Writing Workshops and Mentoring
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Creative Writing Mentoring

I mentor creative writers both individually and in groups. I've taught creative writing at David Yellin College in Jerusalem, and have given workshops at The Writing Pad, Israel's Writer's Studio, Write Space, and other venues, on such topics as Revision, "Writing the Family Drama", "How to Write What You Don't Know" and more.  


I've run writing classes for writers of all levels, offering an opportunity to receive constructive feedback from peers, as well as read and learn from works of published fiction and memoir.


I also offer consultation on manuscripts of all lengths, ranging from short prose to novels. To check if I'm right for your work, I'm happy to offer feedback on a small sample of your writing, free of charge. 

"Thanks to Janice's workshop, a half-baked idea of mine that probably would have remained that way evolved into a short story that was recently published. The creative hothouse that Janice faciliates, along with her own guidance and support, make her workshop a must for anyone with an itch to write." 
Gidon Ben-Tzvi

"I joined Janice Weizman's writing fiction class last year. At that time, although I have had articles published, I had never written fiction, and I didn't know how nor could I imagine that I would ever do so. However, armed with Janice's techniques, her excellent feedback and the support of like-minded students, I have indeed begun to write fiction which, much to my surprise, has been positively received. I recommend Janice wholeheartedly as a teacher and a mentor." 


Rhoda Goodman

"I was fortunate to have Janice mentoring our creative writing group for a number of years.  Her feedback was always serious and perceptive. I thoroughly enjoyed her novel, “The Wayward Moon”, set in the 9th century Middle East.  It was engrossing and beautifully researched."


Eva Eliav

"Janice Weizman is an insightful and caring teacher of creative fiction.  She is a wise manger of the workshop process, and her enthusiasm for the art of fiction writing never wanes. I benefited greatly from her written comments and close editing, and strongly recommend her for writers who are serious about improving their craft."

Akiva  Tor

The "Making History" workshop was productive and stimulating. Janice astutely recognized the problem areas that lay beneath the surface of the texts and offered customized feedback that really helped."



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