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From "Barefoot and Enlightened", by Ayelet Tsabari, co-translated with Ayelet Tsabari, The Ianot Review, Fall 2019
My four-year-old daughter spills the contents of her piggy bank, filled with Hanukkah gelt and birthday money, onto the kitchen table, sorts the coins into towers and the bills into piles and begins to count. I catch her holding a bill in her mouth, and cry in horror, “Not in your mouth! Money is dirty!”

From "Home", by Assaf Inbari, Consequnce, May 2016 

"The Wehrmacht invaded Poland from the west, the Red Army invaded from the East, and Italian planes bombed Tel Aviv and Haifa. Yeruham Reiter and Meir Laks loaded their trucks at the Kelet factory and drove to Haifa. They were killed on arrival."

From "Ha Shuk. HaBait. HaLev" by Ruth Calderon, The Ilanot Review, Winter 2015

"The temple was silent. Whoever traversed the large, sacred rooms was accompanied by the rhythm of his own footfalls on the stone floor. He walked wrapped in a cold fog, as if in a cave of marble and stone. With each step, the High Priest’s heart groaned from congestion or discomfort."

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