"Interruption" -  Jewish Fiction, Issue 2

"Yakov Steiner drew out a cotton handkerchief from his pocket, wiped a delicate film of sweat from his forehead, and reread the paragraph.  He had been phrasing it in his head for some time, but now when appeared written out before him, he was unsettled by the notion that what had begun as a personal rumination was now at liberty to make its way in the world. "

"The Difference Between Them"  Lilith, Summer 2011

"It was common knowledge among the Jews of Sadjan that Mazal, the youngest daughter of the Zandani silversmiths, had sharp eyes. Not sharp like old Shama’s, which could discern fortunes by squinting into coffee grounds splayed across the sides of her chipped cups, but eyes that could look at a thing and perceive, like light breaking through the thinnest of cracks in a mud wall, a forecast of salvation or doom."