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Book Event at Literary Modi'in 

in person and also on Zoom


On Sunday January 28th, I'll be participating, along with memoirist Jennifer Lang, whose book, Places We Left Behind, explores the challenges of a bi-national marriage (she's from California, he's from France, and they've ended up in Israel), and Ruth Eglash, who wrote Parallel Lines, a YA novel about 3 teenagers negotiating the complexities of life in Jerusalem. As for me, I'll be talking about Our Little Histories - a six generation family saga in seven long stories. 

Come out in person to the event at Peerspot in Modi'in, or join in on Zoom. Participation is free!

Interview in Lilith Magazine

"This is a challenging time to be putting a book out, because the reality of what we’ve been living through is far more harrowing and intense than any work of fiction. And yet, I feel that the book’s themes and ideas about Jewish identity are more relevant than ever..."

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